First of…

There is failure and successes.
And then there are dreams to be fulfilled.

Dony the trump.

what if its all talk and no action


Just explaining how to understand concept of having a plan better.
We don’t just sit.
We plan,
And act.
Plan 2020.

2020, opening speech

This is a straightening out strategy to all and sundry about the concept that girls love money.
But the fact is that, everyone does.

Evam magazine- 3rd edition

  [flipbook pdf=] Hmmmmmmmm! People! Finally! It’s been soooo long, right? So sorry that I left You all. I didn’t mean to abandon anyone. It is this school issue that we say we must go through, preparing for exams hasn’t been easy. Anyways if you loved the may magazine. Trust me, you will fall head […]

The Ibadan bus- the hustle

Ibadan is a crazy place to be in summary. This write up is supposed to be a funny one of a recent personal experience.
It shows how Nigeria can be a crazy place to be.

[3d-flip-book mode=”thumbnail-lightbox” urlparam=”fb3d-page” id=”219″ title=”true” lightbox=”dark” classes=”fb3d-fs-dark”] Hi. First of all, click on the second image you see of the magazine to unlock it’s wonders. And secondly… Happy new month to you all. Hope may was a great and fulfilling month. This may edition of the evam magazine is more concise and greater than last […]

Parent hawker

Life is about hardship. But hardwork is the bridge. And appreciation.

Evam magazine.

Look, feast those eyes and act.
Get what you need.

My Valentine’s name is rattus rattus.

February 14. I was not particularly the type to anticipate special gifts on valentine. I was not part of the girls bundled with Teddy bears, red card gift and bar chocolate on this great day of love. I was always the observer “oohing” and “aahing”. This year felt different altogether though, I knew better things […]

Life is about hardship. But hardwork is the bridge. And appreciation.

Parent hawker