For Tunde…

I smile when we talk,
But he gives me the assurance you don’t have.
I see your dimples and your strong build,
He is cute but not my type and emotional.
I am in want of love and attention
But is any of them ready and capable of it, am I?

Kids of nowadays, so out of it.
None observant of the environment,
See her smile at her phone, so beautiful.
Oblivious of her surrounding,
I have the opportunity and also a wife.
Do I ask for her number or just her money?


Today is surely not my lucky day,
Which cabman doesn’t have his eye on the lookout of a passenger?!
My heels ache from standing here,
I want my bed before it is light again.
I hear the sound of a crash and boom,
An explosion? Do I turn or run?

So this is the end?
I don’t experience love before I go?
Who at the end was oblivious of their surrounding, hypocrite?
I really love my wife, darling?
Why does my bed keep being far from me?
Are you okay in there?!

Just perspective ep3

So, let’s talk about shola.

One would wonder, why would I call shola first? And why form the great crocodile tears?

Shola is the sweetest boy you could ever meet. The perfect boyfriend for sore eyes. He was dark, tall and frigging had dimples! And was he the best conversationalist ever? Yes, he was.

Now…now…wait up, before y’all think he is my boyfriend. He is not. He is bisi’s boyfriend. I wonder most times why she always got the best of the cake and I got the crumbs. She got the Amazing boyfriend. I was cool with that actually, as long as she was my buddy. I was cool. But, now she has broken me, I got to shatter her back.

Ohhh, please. Don’t say I am evil, I am just frustrated. Anyways,

“Shola, bisi slapped me…” Sobbing me said

“Omg, but why? What could have gone wrong?”

“I know right…after all we been together. And she did all that publicly, Shola. You know how an introvert I am?”

“I know,I should come pick both of you after classes, Call me.”

“Yea, maybe”

Classes were over quite a while before I called Shola. Loll, it might not be what you think. I could have forgotten to call him. Why would I wait for bisi to go before calling? Don’t be ridiculous. Anyways, in 10 minutes, shola came. Gave him the excuse that we had lectures all through and could not get to bisi as she was not beside me. And she left immediately with her cliques. It was kind of true.

ahahn, this is a lot to take in o. First off, where was she if not beside you? And which clique for crying out loud” shola asks like the gentleman that he is as he drove toward my hostel outside campus.

I explained everything as much as I could.

“I have a feeling all this won’t have happened if she didnt get that stupid iPhone” I said

“Hmmm…one can say that. I even wonder where she got it from. I asked her about it and all and she kept changing the subject, every time”

“What? even from you?” I asked so gently.

“Hmm, you know how bisi can be now. I still love her though. I always will. Though she has kind of not being in touch lately.” He said as he packed in front of my hostel gate. He sounded so hurt.

“Shola, just be patient. We both know she has her moments” I said touching his shoulders. Though I am on a crazy mission. I actually still love my Bestie and should still support her relationship once in a while.

“Anyways, I am exhausted. Thanks for being there, Darling. You are the best. I will come over to your place tomorrow or the next. We should chill jare. All this wahala sef” I stepped out of his car.

As he reversed and drove away.

I waved.

I smiled.


Author’s note

Heyloooo. Hope you liked or loved this episode. Anyone you are up for. I will be happy you did. I hope that apart from academics, spiritual and health that we are looking out at our psychological too. Isolation is not an easy thing if you never got used to your company alone. If things are getting weird like hearing plants talk,etc please find someone to talk to.

Anyways enjoy your remaining day until the next series.

To those that know me😁 there is a line there that is totally me in real life. I leave that up to you to figure out.

Just perspective ep 2

Warning to all those people who might have heard my first story, of how I am sleeping with my bestfriend’s boyfriend. Warning if you have immediately concluded that ‘’girls are scam!” or “girls can pretend ehn”. Please and please. It is my story, don’t conclude just yet. Hear from my perspective.

The only thing that registered in my brain that day was the slap. Nothing else. My hand drew close to my face, my face showed only confusion. Finally my mouth spoke “all because of this thing! Whoa! Publicly, you can slap me? Whoa”

I walked silently to my seat at the back of the class, looked over to the place my best friend once occupied next to me and I began to think.

“How exactly did all this start? Where did I go wrong?”

Bisi, the slapper, and I, her bestie, have been best buddies since I don’t even know when. We met 100 level and became inseparable.

I was clearly from a surviving Nigeria family, with a deserting fatherhood. While Bisi was a little bit higher than me. Her family had more cash but we can’t call them rich. At least she has a father, I say to her regularly when she complains about life being mean and sad. She should be grateful!

Anyways, a day came, Bisi came rushing into the class and screaming.

“I have an iPhone!” how she got it, I don’t know and I didn’t want to care.

We “washed” it and enjoyed taking pictures with it. Two to three weeks later, things started to change. The first week, Bisi just reduced talking to me. She was always on her new phone. Chatting with who knows who. She started greeting Lara and her clique. We never talked to those snubs! I asked her about it. She waved it off. Two weeks later, their conversations grew. Altogether she was part of their clique now. I asked her again, this time she said “can’t someone make new friends, nawa o”

Owkay…. Third week, she frigging moved her seating position to the end of the class. Where Lara people stayed. My brain and eyes fried out. I walked up to her, “Bisi, what is all this about? Why will you leave our place?

“Please just leave me. My doctor said I should move to the front” I checked her definition of front. “Bisi, come on. Stop being stupid. How is the 2nd to the last row your definition of front?”

And that is how I received the most dreaded slap of my life.

“Don’t you dare call me stupid. Just leave me!”

After much thoughts and reminiscing. I made my final decision. No one abandons a friend or a person should go scot free. I have been abandoned enough in my life as it is. I say “no more!”

I picked up my humble techno, scrolled down my contact list.

“hey, shola…” I sobbed into the phone.


Authors table

first of all, i am so sorry for the delay.

koro ni[it is corona]. Anyways, i hope you enjoyed this series and i hope to bring more interesting updates on our character here. i hope you will get to like her…. or not?

P.S it is totally fiction.

enjoy your isolation!

How to own a pet; in nigeria

Heyyy…How are you holding up? With this corona everywhere. Hope you are good. In this period, be sane and keep sane. Get upgraded because when all these is over, it will be a new era. I hope you are not left behind.
Essentially, three things should be of upmost importance
– getting closer to God
– getting closer to friends and family
– getting a pet and treatment him/her perfectly.
All round, DO NOT NEGLECT.
So, drumroll to rule number 2.
RN2: Be ready for responsibility.
Most essential thing for a living thing, is to feed.
Owning a PET means you need to know how and when to feed it. For students out there who might be discouraged saying “how do I feed another mouth apart from mine?”
I say “you can”. I have confidently done this for Eva for a year now and she is up and about. I can’t say it has been easy but its doable.
First thing you need to know is…
What kind of food should I give my pet-my dog?
Should it be grass? Should I pour garri inside bowl for her and mix with water to drink?
Loll, please don’t do any of that.
Dogs are carnivores I.e they eat meat.
What is the main constituent of meat, protein.
So, if you are not rich enough to buy raw meat all her years with you, like me.
You get protein substitutes.
And according to time frame,
First months to the 3rd month, feeding is up to their MAMA, sweet mama.
3rd to 5th month is where you come in with very high protein and low carbohydrate (they still need few rice grains, energy supplement). You give milk at this stage with small rice or goldenmorn and you are good to go.
6th month, you can start throwing in the bone now. Why I won’t advice throwing in the bone earlier is because of the personal experience I had with Eva that almost scared me to death. She was just around 5 months, I gave her a bone and she choked. I had to ply it out of her palette. The bone had perfectly fit there. So scary, so I will advise waiting for full development of your dog which is around 6 months.
6th to 9th month, you can increase the carbohydrate concentration which will help reduce cost. There is industry indomie [my plug in Ibadan is at Bodija or Orogun, I love the place at Orogun the most, they add some supplements to it] you can mix the indomie time to time with beans [Eva loves beans], bone or fish [all dogs love this]. There is also a feed called booster Choose anything that fits your pocket.

From a year upward, increase the carbohydrate still, they need more energy as they are older now.
Now, about the frequency
3-5 months should be 4 times
5-6 months should be 3 times
6- 9 months should be twice
1 year above should be just once

Next thing you essentially need to know is that your dog needs a bath too! They cannot bathe themselves, they could well try because they are actually clean animals by licking themselves up. But that should not just be it. Bathing frequency depends on where you brought it from, type of breed, color and fur quantity.
Location, if you got it from the street, for the next 2-3 months bathe it at least twice in a month.
At first, your dog will use you to run around in the bath, because they are not actually keen to water but over time it will love it. Just do it nicely and with treats at the end.
If you got it from a nice place, just once a month will do.
Color- if it is white, please!! Bathe it as soon as you see dirt. I cry when I see a dirty white dog.
Fur, the more the fur, the more bathing is needed. This is to prevent parasites.

Finally training!
Through my time with Eva, pertaining to Eva, I learnt that to train her. I myself must be trained in the process.
Over time, your dog or pet will make you a responsible person.
I will like to continue this part in another series.
So next time
Rule number 3- be ready for responsibility 2.