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2019, here you come.
Here you come different like the others,
But same type of entrance,
Just a silent 60 seconds difference,
A 11:59 to 12:00,
2019 here you come.

Throwing away all the tears 2018 caused,
Leaving them as thrash forgotten to rot,
To be recycled as motivation for a new year,
So not to create more thrash like 2018 all over again,
2019 we see you so close.

Times of love and full happiness came,
Though they lasted so short and some seemed to last forever,
When it was simmering and disappearing,
It was stored for the year to come for more,
2019 we welcome you.


Thanks to NEPA, you get to see this before 1 like I said.

So Happy New year people!!

Something short.

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When life is so out of place and stressful,
That giving up even is of no use.
When you are told to live for yourself,
But in actual fact all they want is for themselves alone.
When you know heaven is far better than all this Earth can amount to,
But you just want to make the most of earth you can make use of.
When you know life can never be fair on you because of “one circumstances or the other”
But you know it is cowardly to end your life.
When you finds lots of love and laughter,
But the terror, low mentality and selfishness of others embraces you with sadness that makes the sunshine not pass through it.
When all you can do is live because you just have to live,
And make the best of it,
Unless it would be a waste of life and oxygen.
Just live.




Something to think on before 00:00


Why shai thy shy?

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Have you been in a situation where you are so angry at someone or a situation but you cannot just talk?Ever been in love or had a crush on a boy or a girl you could not say a peep? Ever felt hurt or a loved one died but your mouth is too heavy to ever to talk?

Welcome to the club “thy art shy to talk out loud”
This situations are usually what bring up writing and even the good writers we see all about. Yes, it might seem cowardly but that is our way of expressing our minds so we don’t run mad or go drown themselves in the red sea or something.
No wonder love letters were popular for Romeo and Julietand writing is becoming a big thing nowadays. Everybody is afraid of using their real voice, they are more comfortable behind their pens.

I think this should be a great resolution for a lot of people this coming year, 2019. We should learn to say our mind face to face to the person that needs to hear it. I personally think it will reduce this depression that is going on around in Nigeria especially.
Imagine, if i am a depressed person of rape, I am able to find the rapist and lash out all my anger. I know that I’ll be able to live my life better instead of looking at a knotted rope to permanently silence me since i could not say it before anyways. Or imagine if as a girl or boy I agree to say “I love or like you” and just walk away down the corridor. There’s going to be this fulfillment afore whether I am rejected or not before any sadness or joy comes in knocking. Or someone has annoyed me throughout the year instead of waiting for December, to be writing “I will cut off some people this year” on my status, I’ve already told you to your face to back off and stop being bad energy then I will feel good instead of waiting to see if the person that has been “cut off” knows if he or she has even been cut off or not.
So this year 2019 instead of shouting “we go buy benzzz” why don’t i say go say “I will soooooo say my mind out loud” especially when I need to BUT ๐Ÿ˜‚before the year runs out let me use my writing skills to say my mind out to the few people I can.๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿƒ๐Ÿšถ๐Ÿšถ
Let me still be enjoying the club, we leave speaking up for 2019. Cashier lerra. By the way merry Christmas in arrears.

And Happy New year in advance. Will be giving you something to chew on by 1am. So be here๐Ÿ˜‰


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Lola was young and vibrant,
she was all you could want of a human.
She grew up to be a “lady” of a typical nigerian home,
“sweep, wash, clean the louvers” they said.
While her younger brother old enough,
Cross his legs to watch the TV.
All because she was an XX.

Lola finally broke free,
she finally convinced her parents to allow her go to school.
When her younger brother had long smelled JSS3,
and she was supposed to have entered the secondary school far long ago.
But they said “why go? will you use chemistry to cook for the men and your husband?”
Finally she was allowed out of the cage to fly so late,
All because she was an XX.

Lola’s thought of been free was short- lived,
With people’s expectations of her being too high.
Funny thing is, they wanted her best not for her,
They said “know how to prepare this dishes well for him, don’t have a house he would build it for you”
Again she was put in the box,
Even the boys and guys who would surely not be the “one” had nerves to speak.
All because she was an XX.

Lola became a doctor,
the best surgeon at that.
Then the society refused to accept the fact,
they said “you must be a nurse, call the doctor!
She was underestimated, unccepted even after all her hardwork,
she treated them as a doctor,
not minding that they would never believe in an XX

Lola was winked at and hollered,
She was “ripe” for marriage.
She was a damsel, the most beautiful in the vicinity,
They said “beauty,nice! brains, nice! But she has a car, I don’t. No way!”
She was a few months older thanks to late education,
She had crushes on some of them, but intimidation sets on all of them.
Society instilled this feeling all because she was an older and richer XX.

Lola was brave and very happy,
remember she was a Christian, understanding that men pleasers never made it.
She listened only to the word,
Stating the verse “…her desire shall be for her husband, he shall have control over her”
Taking notes that her husband only, she feared no discrimination,
And she found Mr Right,
Who knew that she was to be treated properly, than unjustly just because she was an XX.

Lola and her lover were great and happy,
Society tried to infiltrate into their home using culture and religion.
To them i was competing with my husband, when he himself said he loved how I was being a wife to him.
But since I said no to their saying of “stop Doctoring and be a full housewife”
I was thereby their enemy, too independent, so not wifey.
They should please reduce the noise, because I didn’t marry them.
I married my king and I am his queen.
I want to be treated human first before looked at only as an XX.

Story…story……storyyyyy- 1

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I suddenly hit something fleshy, I began to produce sweat that normally I should not produce. Maybe I was just imagining the sweat or do we sweat? Then I did something normal, I peed…what a shame.
Well, let us go back few days. So that we can all understand how I got to this predicament. People that knew me, knew my smile with me and would like to think I was the happiest individual in the vicinity. Not one person had ever seen a face of mine where I did not have a wide white teeth showing. Therefore, I was given the name “smileys snort. I have lived in this compound for just a year. And if you are reading to hear it has been “ups” and “down”. Sorry to disappoint you, it has just been “downs” alone. It has been the worst.
We do the same thing every single day. For the past one years, I wake up to the wet snout of mamsy waking my siblings and I. Then, we go to the mud house to wallow for like a snort. A whole snort!I have started to believe and accept the fact that I am the only one that is smart enough to know time in this compound of ours – I am proud to say I have found out we have 24 snorts per day. On my really bad days, we are forced to wallow more than a snort, my mind cries. Also,when I say compound,please do not let your imagination go too wild like my fellow pigs who think we stay in a mansion. My smart self figured out our compound is just a bungalow. With compartment, from the sounds I hear daily from other pigs, there should be 6 compartments in “our compound” 3 compartments to the left and 3 to the right.
You should listen when other pigs are talking about the compound, you’ll be shocked. Well, I guess I was born with a wilder mind apart from others. Anyways, after wallowing, beings come give us food. Let me describe this food to you. The food looks no less than the mud we wallow in daily, the only difference is that it is put in a “snorplate”. Then my siblings play the remaining of the days snort in the mud house or sleep while dadsy and mamsy grunt at us from one corner together. I do not join them most time, instead I lean on the gate and think. I guess that is why the picture you see of me up there is the cleanest you can see in my compartment, if not the whole compound. I believe there is more to all of this life I am living.
More to just having a father,mother and piglets wallowing like it is a job or more to knowing just this compound we call a mansion or more to the mud-food we are given daily. So, when I smile at them I smile because I know that the day will come when I’ll be free to roam( not as a mad pig, please), free to see more than what has become a boring film watched over and over, free to smile on the outside and the inside.
“It is Monsnort” I say to my sleeping siblings who snort at my so called knowledge on the names I had come up with for the days we spend. “Monsnort, tuesnort, wedsnort… You should have gotten the hang of it from there. My siblings always turned me to a laughing stock whenever I talked. I was the stupid one they said, this makes me laugh a lot. Between a person who knows he is on a Friday at 3snorts to someone who just lives knowing nothing, who is the stupid one? Making them call me mad too because I laughed alone, dear readers do not join them to believe that. Be reminded, I am totally sane.
Anyways this monsnort is surprisingly different. I was not woken up by mamsy today. Which is super weird, I was woken up by noise of different voices, dragging feet and rufflings. Some smaller beings had finally come visiting again like we were told they did once in a blue moon. We piglet grew up been told of different stories of these small beings visits. The pigs enjoyed the show of some small being showing stupidity of getting too close, almost getting beaten and running like they were being chased. It was usually one of the few fun stories that I heard from mamsy and dadsy. They told us there was a soundtrack that was regular called “”awwwn” they always heard from them. It was the most played track before “ahhhh” track.
Experiencing this for the first time stirred something up in me,excitement. Sure enough I soon heard the regular sound tracks I was told of, I think this time “ahhh” track is more though. I stared at them like they were some celebrity as they walked, talked and the few ran through our gate for like 2 snorts. Watching some of them touch my snout felt so funny, I think I became pinker than normal. I leaned on the gate as usual with so much excitement. Then the weirdest thing happened, the gate moved. I leaned more and was suddenly out of my compartment. I heard a bang at my back. The door, my gate was shut behind me.
“Oh my snorts! I am out” my mind raced. I stayed there for a quarter snort, body numb. Then I heard rushed footsteps getting closer and I panicked. Running blindly as fast as my little legs could take me, snorting the “ahh” track I could snort. I suddenly hit something fleshy . As I struggled to open my eyes, I peed myself thinking I was going to be pork soon. And that is when I met…

Life is about hardship. But hardwork is the bridge. And appreciation.

Parent hawker