Wake up!!!



Girls naturally,thanks to our bone mass, are the weak ones. Except from those who go all six pack and can endure exercise, I respect them mehn. I can manage 10 pushups though but back to the main point. Girls are not just it, when it comes to power.
But, instead of some people to keep this as a wonderful treasure, they have turned it to our weakness to make them feel they are strong.
Now, if weakness was the only problem it will be understandable but ignorance just had to be added. Like seriously, one will wonder and ask if the universe is against us. Ignorance plus nil power equals silent mice.
The way people are getting accustomed to it, I wonder if we just pleasure at some people’s discomfort. I wonder if we are still human. The girl neither has mind nor body, she is just going to be turnioniown.
For lucky and maybe hardworking women, when they get successful no one can just up and go beat them to prove strong not because she is strong but because power has been bestowed. Meanwhile, another woman of the same age status and clearly same sex has to live her life just for the day to be over and survive the next day also with beatings.
Knowledge is power.
This does not have to do alone with being tortured alone. There is also the point that when you get knowledge, sometimes you get the opportunity to apply it. Making your life better in the process. This whole process helps to reduce idle girls in the society. Meaning the rate at which girls just go rant on their status on week 4-6 about their “man”.
” Danny, my love. You have stolen my heart away. I will never love anyone better”
To week 7-12 crying about the heart been shattered and thrown in the thrash
” He broke my heart, I should have never loved. I hate boys” and the it’s a cycle in the girls life over and over.
Let us just take a moment to think about all the girls in our contact list, let us combine them. Let us imagine that this girls had things to think about like how to bring one new trending fashion into the world or how to make us survive on the sun or how to solve life’s crazy problem as a whole. And finding love is not everything they think they have to exist for. Let us imagine they take that as a secondary goal and having a life as a primary goal. Won’t we all have peace of mind? Don’t you think you will be able to smile more instead of just rolling your eyes or rolling in laughter at these girls? It Should be a nice experience.
Life would be a better place.
Overpopulation may reduce.
Crime rate may reduce.
Heartbreak upandan may reduce.
Again, knowledge is power…
And give me the chance to say, knowledge is reducing the number of people who frequent the devil’s workshop too.


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Letter to the “far admirers”


Around school arena,

A place in Africa,

15th January.

Headquater of watchers,

“Admirers” from distance,

Anywhere in the world.

Dear Sir/ Madame,

How do you do? Hope you are fine and  existing silently like you normally do just fine. I will really hope to see your face one day. I write to you to make  some situations clear and see if we can make some agreements on how you think whenever you keep checking up my life from  when I was small even till I give birth  to my children. So here goes thus.

When a past event or situation happen, We tend to totally forgot about them, like it never existed. There was a time in some churches that everybody just rocked in plating their hair alone but with time wigs, attachments comma etc came into the picture. We now see the days of natural hair as a mirage and forgotten, never to be heard of again.

With this 10 days challenge going viral, it makes one remember how maybe then you were a long skirt should but now below the knee is the rule or how you were so proud of your nokia c2 but infinix is feeling too old school for you now.
I remember how on one of the free days at smith international baptist academy. We found no better way to use our jobless state than to go into arguments that took us hours about something. Which was Fashion. My own opinion then, I was screaming out loud that sleeveless was so not for me bla bla bla sheep, we talked about make up also like as if the winner will win a million.
+3 years later, the heat in Nigeria helped update my brain system. It was like “I cannot come and Goan fry because of principles that won’t protect me from suffering”
Change moves all around us. It is an unknown oxygen that keeps us alive. We grow, we change. We dress, we change. We think, we change.
This brings me to the thought that for the now I think and I do what I can do right and best. But remember, the time comes when change will come knocking at my door. So as a person and for the people who look at other people( maybe me too) and maybe criticize  for suddenly changing on their words or ideas.
Please, onlookers, expect change from all and sundry. Know that no scientist concluded on his observation or theory in one day, it took years until it became a theory.  Remember that you and I are all humans.

I hope I have convinced you and not confused you.

Yours forever,


The watched girl.