Parent hawker

"ewa ra!" (Come buy!)
"Come and buy cotton bud"
"Ewo....meji waso"(look...two for 50 naira)
"Aje ma"(you will sell, ma)
This student clearly doesn't understand my desperation, that fifty naira will buy 50 naira panla for my 5 year lean child. I need that extra money. I need it, she didn't see it but tears brimed my eyes.
"Waso ni" (it is 50 naira)
"E ba mi ra..."( Help me buy it)
She finally turned her head, I clearly frustrated her to attention. There was a time I hated people like me but right now. I don't care. My 4 starving children need food to eat. What will I say I was doing while they died away.
"Elo ni ma? How much?"
" Meji waso, se merin lefe?"( Tel for 50 naira, do you want four?)
(Chuckling) "two is enough, thanks ma"
I gave her the two she wanted and more joy graced my heart as a friend of hers came.
" Please bring for me too ma"
(Grinning) "ese student, egba"( thanks student, take)
As I bent to remove more for the friend, I tried more of my luck.
"Don't you want clip too" I smiled at them
No answer graced me, but I knew deep inside I tried. Maybe, just maybe. One of them actually wanted to buy but...well, I get to feed one more mouth.
" Please, ejo, help me carry it on my head"
It took like 5 minutes to carry this on my head, I hope they are not frustrated though. I have lots of mouth and no real source of income. Selling nylonsn, clips, buckets, bowls, etc all around dugbe market will get somewhere.
This is the same way different adults, most parents, struggle under the sun and in the rain too. Life, especially in the country we live in and the times, is hard like gold. This is ironic because before you get anything close to gold through your earnings, you would have most likely gone extinct.
Let us learn to appreciate our parents, we most times don't see when they are struggling but they feed us and cater for us till we good to stand on our own., the young. The youth and teenager, let us start catching sense.
Thoughts that should be coming to your head should not only be about food or my future partner.
Thoughts like "how do I make it that my children don't have to suffer and I can be a good or badass role model"
You don't have to be stinkingly rich, but, start having a future hope
Thoughts like how can I make this messed up country a better place for my wonderful kids to live in
So I don't tell stories of how you could buy ticket for just #1000 at some point, stories of how "things were better than how it will be then if nothing changes"
Let's GROW the hell up๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜‡
I love you Daddy and mummy, thanks a lot!!!!
Thanks to all my adult friends and helpers๐Ÿ˜˜

P.S Life is about hardship. But hardwork is the bridge And appreciation.
Happy Sunday!!! Hope you had a great time at services or at home๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€๐Ÿ‘€
Have a great week ahead.