2020, opening speech

Shout out to Sir Chinwe!

It been ages.
But I have come not to say Merry Christmas
Nor to talk about a new year.
Instead I am here to rage.
And to rant.
So they say “to be fore-warned is to be fore-harmed”.
So readers, read at your discretion.
Lol, low-key warning o, read am abegi o.

But still be warned.

I am going to be a table shaker.
And the table is called ” all girls are money diggers” seen on boys and some men’s statuses

Like, durhhhhh
Durh to eternity

Yes this table is big.
I see things like this on friends, family, and some “exes” pictures and I feel like blowing up but instead I decide to just look away.
But this is going to be my last word to people with this mindset.
One, everyone.
Young and old.
Female and male.
Human and even animal.
Likes money and its effect.
You don’t see plenty animals gathered in a dry land, they can be found more at gutter or easy source of food.
And low key each individual wants to be known with someone with money. It just the way the world is.
So, puleez stop making it seem like the woman is a devil for doing the same.
You, yourself you like money.
So please let all these “girls like money stop”
Everyone does.
The real problem is just that you don’t have the money, but you want her.

Two, most people that write things like this or think things like this are either broke ass niggas or people with what I call the “poverty mindset”
There was a guy I dated early this year, first love of my life.
I noticed that if I was not careful, I will be the one sponsoring the relationship and his life sef.
Me, broke girl supporting another broke person.
Shey, I am not stupid bayi?
Summary is “I jappa”
Love cannot be stupid and blind at the same time.
Yet this same guy, months later put up this on his status.
I felt disgusted because people like him don’t have the right to do this.
Its just hippocracy.
I have a friend instead, he is not boyant o.
But mehn, he knows how to take care of his babe!
So generous to everyone, whether you are girlfriend or not
You don’t see people like this posting nonsense up and down.
See please this year, it isn’t about having money or the girl loving money.
It should be about changing that “poverty mindeset”

Mind you, you don’t have to be poor to have this mindset.
Even the rich get hungry.
Some so called rich people have this mindset.

Just so y’all know, there are ladies and women who are basically the breadwinner of a relationship but we don’t hear them shouting men like money.

Let all work on the “generosity mindset” where I give you my time, my affection, my money and my every time irrespective of what you give me in return.
I don’t care, instead be happy you gave.
I got this from a friends status.
Ladies, spoil your friends and bf with stuffs. Don’t expect all the love and attention.
Don’t be bad.

Shout out to ladies who grew up with the mind that we are eggs to be carried with so much care and no effort from us.
Please turn from thy evil ways.
Time to hustle!!.
Things are not as easy as before.
Times have changed.
Learn to move with the flow.

Be independent
So that when your knight comes, you will be the princess that is cherished and cherishes her made king.
Not just the slave girl that looks up to the knight always for uplifting.

Finally, guys.
There are three types of girls.
The village girl.
The towns girl.
And the city girl.

If you like a village girl but you cannot take yourself out to one of the malls in any city and spoil yourself without your account crying “hail mary”
You can go ahead and ask her out.

If you like a town girl but you cannot take yourself and a friend out without being bankrupt. You can go ahead and ask your girl out.

If you like a city girl, lol, and you don’t know how to care of yourself and a group of friends.
Oya, please just stay on your lane.
See…this might seem mean and materialistic.
But to avoid stories that touch, just wait until you are able to stand anything!
You don’t start building a house without having money for it.

You will be disappointed at the end!

Why I put all these is that, if you ask a girl out capable yet she leaves, you will be able to proudly have the reputation that it wasn’t because you were not capable of taking care of her. You will be able to say “she doesn’t know what she is missing” truthfully and proudly.

Personally I feel the same should go to girls, if you know this guy asking you out.

You can not do half of what he can do.
Tell him straight up.
I don’t want to just be a liability.

Just my thoughts though

No vex much, if you are on this table.
Just take kiss on your cheeks and smile, ehn

Now I can say happy new year to you!!

One thought on “2020, opening speech

  1. I think everyone should just be able to handle exactly what they can give… Male and female.
    You can give all your salary? Then find a lover who can do the same. You cannot share a slice of bread? Get a fellow ‘ijapa’. The two both of you can starve each other to death… In love. Simple.

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