First of…

So, my plan was to make a video like last time.
Especially when I finally passed my resit examination.
Physiology resit.
Yea, you read that right.
At the end of last year.
I had a breakdown because of having to face the fact that I was the only girl to write a resit.
And a physiology resit for that matter. That I thought to be my best course in preclinicals.
But anyways, instead of making a video.
I got shy.Loll, yea.
I get shy too.
During the new years eve, as they told us to rejoice. I did.
But in my inner thoughts I was like, what happens if I fail this resit.
I have to go back to 300?
I have to reread everything again? The terror!
I have to repay everything again?!!School fees, house rent?I will graduate 7+ years instead of 6+ years?The horror was biggggggggg.

I felt so…I don’t know, helpless.
Really those that have ever had the cause to fail or repeat at one time in life, I respect you all.
Having to go through this trauma and be strong. Respect.
There was a time I felt failure was err…but now, experience is a good teacher.Anyways I finally saw the results…

And the relieve was not from here, it was heavenly!!!

Congratulations to those who wrote with me too. actually got to know them a little too.
Anyways to the main discussion for today. My political interests.
My life aim whenever I do anything is to make impact.I am a type of person that doesn’t just like complaining alone.With complaints, I look for ways to change that problem I do not like.I complain that most youths don’t want to actually put themselves out there to help the country politically.
All we think about most times these days is “how I go hammer?” It is good to want to “hammer” but what is the point of “hammering” when you can’t do it proudly and peacefully in your country.
What is the point of “hammering” if where you are, your surrounding, your state, your country is not “hammering” with you.
Really to me, there is no point with that kind of “hammering “. Cos there is no legacy to leave for your children but a dashed and tattered country.


Let me be like martin Luther king Jr, ” I have a dream of Nigeria being recognized as an Amazing and reputable country not just a carrier of giant of Africa in vain.
I have a dream of where my children will be like thanks mum for giving birth to me in this amazing country.
I have a dream of a well constructed and ruled country with prestige and honor. Where people don’t run off to other countries but instead foreigners flock into our great Nation, Nigeria.
I have a dream of a great Nigeria ”
This dream is what spurred me to ask my colleagues to be elected as a Senator in my 200 level in veterinary medicine. To understand a little what politics might seem like.
Yes politics in the department was and is not like real life politics in Nigeria but phew, it was something!And this is where I will make a big shoutout to the Senate President, Mr Franklyn Oluwadare.
Lol sorry, it is not a video.
You sha wanted video, lol.

Surgeon, army lover and fashionista.


This guy, when I first saw him. I was like ” fine Bobo” but naaa my first impression removed the fine face away.
In the chamber, he didn’t care whether you were a presidents child, a newbie or a oldfry. He said his mind and stood for what was right. Not caring if it hurt or not.
When he became the President in my 300 level and I knew he deserved it.
As per I was the information officer, he didn’t let me have peace of mind about dissemination of information.
But thank God he was like that, it is as if he knows my nature. I need a lot of pushing. Thanks a lot sir.
I learnt a lot of things through you, I hope to get some of your traits as I grow.
The association and I know that in his regime, a lot of things changed positively.
Anywhere, I can vouch for him to be a good political candidate, as long as he doesn’t change his principles. Sir, please don’t change. We need more people like you.
And this is where I say the sad part, I will be leaving the senate house for academic reasons. I will be stepping down.
This is because I will be in the paraclinicals this year and people of God, the lecturers here don’t smile AT ALL.
I will be crazy to not cut down on things that I am doing.
But trust me, my dream, I will not let it go.
I will continue to understand what politics especially in Nigeria is.
For the greater good of my surrounding, my department, my state and my Nigeria.
For now, lowkey.
Questions for the post.
Can you say you love Nigeria?
What is your personal reason or a reason you are not politically involved?
What are s
pecific things you hate or detest in Nigeria?
What do you think are possible solutions?

Dony the trump.

Hey, there.

Remember how I said I think a lot about things generally.

Well I am here to upload some of them thoughts.

The thought is what of if Donald trump just has mouth and nothing else.

Yea…durhh I know the U.S has gone to war with different countries and they have been the better for it while the country against them was destroyed.

Yea I know that but you know it was maybe one thing or the other that made Egypt so not as great as before.

And feeling great is one of it.

Take Mr Pharaoh, he had lots of talk.

“I will destroy all your children”, yimu Israelites still found way to give birth like rabbit.

” I will overtask y’all”, Israelites still survived.

“You cannot leave my land!They still left.

Brims and stone, many of Egyptian solders were killed that day.

Imagine, you were an Egyptian then, we all know the terror these people could do.

Egyptian: “durhhh pharaoh is no ordinary pharoah, these Israelites are broken eggs”

He most likely didn’t live to see what he said go through.

Or imagine you were from another country but heard news of the internal disorder.

Stranger: “eiiii, is it not Pharaoh? That crazy lord of Egypt. Israelites are done-for”.

He most likely joined Israelites in the journey of going to the promise land he heard they escaped.

For sure, who will support the Israelites.

This is one reason, I laugh at Nigerians.

Lets look at our own problems and face it!

But No, atojubole and ofofo is our hobby.

See, whether we support the U.S or the Iranians, Nigeria will still be among the top corrupt country, the top poorest country and still “developing country”

Do you know how long they have been saying Nigeria is developing?Long before I was born.

Please….which kind of larva are we?!!!When will we fly but no with our wiggle wiggle.

Instead of us to use our small energy to fly.

We will be wiggle wiggle defending trump or the Iranian country.

Those northerners ehn, alakobas.

lerrus face our problems.

Whatever remains of one country or the other, let’s sha pray we don’t become the next Iraq country.

Seeing as both countries, Iran and the US don’t have the chest to fight each other directly.

Two elephants, one grass patch.

So…let’s discuss.How can we develop our transport system?How can we build up our security and Defence system. In case of anything happening?How can Nigeria get better?😐

Cos sincerely, I don’t want my children to still have to be saying why was I born into this country sef?Instead let’s imagine, won’t it be awesome if there is 24 hours light?Wont it be awesome if we become awesome inventors and recognized for it?Wont it be awesome if we became closer to being one of the richest countries?Wont it be awesome if we are not just called giants of Africa for nothing?

N.B I don’t know if it is just Nigerians or everyone in general. People don’t like been “adviced” into change but they gladly accept being “lightly rebuked” into change.


Friend 1: girl, don’t use book to kill yourself. Money is the koko

Girl: no o, leave me

Upper scenario occurs for a month

Friend 2: shior, you are stupid if you think book will take you anywhere. Idiot.

Two days later after this happens.

Girl: ahhh money is the koko o.

Friend 1:(brows raised) now…you know?

Question for the post:

Why is this? Do we lowkey like being forced to improve?



There are nights I just find myself unable to sleep.
It is not love o, no boy is doing my heart jigbijigbi.
And it is not exams or test that is giving me sleepless nights like this night o.
But these nights, countless nights have been awesome and tiring.

Sometimes it is crazy o, like I actually feel I am going crazy.


Times when i think of one big plan.
Before i entered university, i had a grand plan on how i will open a school and manage it with a farm.
I had all the game plan…cattle session here, rice plantation there, etc.
It always felt like my head was being flooded with visions i can never imagine.
Annoying thing is, i have these plans but dont get to achieve them because
I either dont have enough knowledge, enough money or enough time.
This year must be different.
I move with a goal.
I had these sleepless night in the year 2019.
People of God, those nights will not be a waste.
3rd december, 2020.
We are all yet to see great things.
I included.
I feel it.
Just watchat.
Please if you are in this category, walk in the same spirit.
This year i have a plan
I have a strategy
And i have my goal achieved.
It is ye and amen!

P.S i need to learn spanish o, was having mouth that i know spanish to my friends at barika.
Only to have a strange spanish person chat me up on my facebook blog- evam blogging…and for me to be kaloloing.
My life!!!
Ani, this year se, i wee learn by fire by force.
Yea…my yoruba too will soon be on fleek!

I had to japa!


Have a great week, great month and great year ahead.


2020, opening speech

Shout out to Sir Chinwe!

It been ages.
But I have come not to say Merry Christmas
Nor to talk about a new year.
Instead I am here to rage.
And to rant.
So they say “to be fore-warned is to be fore-harmed”.
So readers, read at your discretion.
Lol, low-key warning o, read am abegi o.

But still be warned.

I am going to be a table shaker.
And the table is called ” all girls are money diggers” seen on boys and some men’s statuses

Like, durhhhhh
Durh to eternity

Yes this table is big.
I see things like this on friends, family, and some “exes” pictures and I feel like blowing up but instead I decide to just look away.
But this is going to be my last word to people with this mindset.
One, everyone.
Young and old.
Female and male.
Human and even animal.
Likes money and its effect.
You don’t see plenty animals gathered in a dry land, they can be found more at gutter or easy source of food.
And low key each individual wants to be known with someone with money. It just the way the world is.
So, puleez stop making it seem like the woman is a devil for doing the same.
You, yourself you like money.
So please let all these “girls like money stop”
Everyone does.
The real problem is just that you don’t have the money, but you want her.

Two, most people that write things like this or think things like this are either broke ass niggas or people with what I call the “poverty mindset”
There was a guy I dated early this year, first love of my life.
I noticed that if I was not careful, I will be the one sponsoring the relationship and his life sef.
Me, broke girl supporting another broke person.
Shey, I am not stupid bayi?
Summary is “I jappa”
Love cannot be stupid and blind at the same time.
Yet this same guy, months later put up this on his status.
I felt disgusted because people like him don’t have the right to do this.
Its just hippocracy.
I have a friend instead, he is not boyant o.
But mehn, he knows how to take care of his babe!
So generous to everyone, whether you are girlfriend or not
You don’t see people like this posting nonsense up and down.
See please this year, it isn’t about having money or the girl loving money.
It should be about changing that “poverty mindeset”

Mind you, you don’t have to be poor to have this mindset.
Even the rich get hungry.
Some so called rich people have this mindset.

Just so y’all know, there are ladies and women who are basically the breadwinner of a relationship but we don’t hear them shouting men like money.

Let all work on the “generosity mindset” where I give you my time, my affection, my money and my every time irrespective of what you give me in return.
I don’t care, instead be happy you gave.
I got this from a friends status.
Ladies, spoil your friends and bf with stuffs. Don’t expect all the love and attention.
Don’t be bad.

Shout out to ladies who grew up with the mind that we are eggs to be carried with so much care and no effort from us.
Please turn from thy evil ways.
Time to hustle!!.
Things are not as easy as before.
Times have changed.
Learn to move with the flow.

Be independent
So that when your knight comes, you will be the princess that is cherished and cherishes her made king.
Not just the slave girl that looks up to the knight always for uplifting.

Finally, guys.
There are three types of girls.
The village girl.
The towns girl.
And the city girl.

If you like a village girl but you cannot take yourself out to one of the malls in any city and spoil yourself without your account crying “hail mary”
You can go ahead and ask her out.

If you like a town girl but you cannot take yourself and a friend out without being bankrupt. You can go ahead and ask your girl out.

If you like a city girl, lol, and you don’t know how to care of yourself and a group of friends.
Oya, please just stay on your lane.
See…this might seem mean and materialistic.
But to avoid stories that touch, just wait until you are able to stand anything!
You don’t start building a house without having money for it.

You will be disappointed at the end!

Why I put all these is that, if you ask a girl out capable yet she leaves, you will be able to proudly have the reputation that it wasn’t because you were not capable of taking care of her. You will be able to say “she doesn’t know what she is missing” truthfully and proudly.

Personally I feel the same should go to girls, if you know this guy asking you out.

You can not do half of what he can do.
Tell him straight up.
I don’t want to just be a liability.

Just my thoughts though

No vex much, if you are on this table.
Just take kiss on your cheeks and smile, ehn

Now I can say happy new year to you!!

Evam magazine- 3rd edition


[flipbook pdf=]

Hmmmmmmmm! People! Finally!
It’s been soooo long, right?
So sorry that I left You all. I didn’t mean to abandon anyone.
It is this school issue that we say we must go through, preparing for exams hasn’t been easy. Anyways if you loved the may magazine. Trust me, you will fall head over heels in love with this new one.
It’s so lovely.
I hope you enjoy it.

Especially you, Shalom.

Love, evam.

The Ibadan bus- the hustle

The discomfort was just too much but I could not open my mouth. If I did I would seem rude or something but my mind kept repeating the same
” People, fear God and close this thing na!”
“Please close your laps!”
For the greatest journey I will ever experience, this was the circle of thoughts for a while.
You know when people say “o je Wa Kang” or ” sco pu tu mana” or ” ki lo n Sele” or “the day you will never forget”
This fateful Sunday was the day I should be asked this.
Let me explain why I am going to be ranting for a while as I experienced sitting in this excessive sardine packed tin of a bus I took from Ibadan to Osogbo.
It all started from the journey from Okigwe, after having an awesome time in the presence of the Lord over the weekend we joyfully had a 10 hours journey back to Ibadan and got to scripture union by 5.
One thing led to another I had to take a bus from another garage that I normally do not take ( how I had to take this garage is another story).
Anyways on almost entering the bus, the first thing that met my eyes was that out of 60% of the passengers, I was the second feminine person to board it. For ladies reading this that companstand this kind of scenario, you know that this scenario always sets one weird alarm in your brain. But I was detamined! I wanted to go home for my sweet mamas post birthday celebration and greet daddy happy father’s day.
So I entered into the great forest of men thinking that will be the only problem. I went to the far back near a weirdly wide window. Later into the journey, my brain realized that the window should normally not be that size. One of the windows had been removed but at that moment, i chose that as my emergency escape. For incase anything happen laidis issa jappa something o. When I told my sister later she was like if rain now fell nko, I and the person will now be dragging one window for protection.
I paid the werdly cheap price and later found out that “we all paid for the price in truth”. Like! Why on Earth should Ibadan to Osogbo be 400 naira, well! Things are tough, at that time i was like “ayam a student if I see Bonanza we boooo”
If you dare say hustle, make you no….I slaipp you.
Anyways, Our great journey started, 4 people on every column of the bus!!!!! 4 people! People of God! 4! In a bus, that is not spacious enough and good enough. You know all those buses that the metal have jera tan. Yes, four of us in the back.
Now, imagine I was the only girl with four extra men seating beside me. Yes I didn’t make a mistake of putting four. Some men still had the audacity to lap themselves in the back! Unfortunately for me I was the sacrifice. As per I am a girl and the thinest( – 50kg), I was like the smallest fish in a sardine container with too much fishes inside or like the sandwich in between breads. The bus metal as one side of the bread and the men as the other side.
Now these men still had the boldness and heart to spread their laps! They had the igboya! Is this how life should be? Why do you men do this? If we are opening laps anyhow, will you like it, tell me will you like it?
( O ye perverts and Playboy’s if you dare say you will be happy, I will slaipp you!).
Please for future sakes, men opening your legs wide in the bus when obviously we are all managing is totally wrong. Opening your leg will not increase your ego or money or anything. Closing it won’t remove from you too, please lez EPP each other. Eshe o, adupe o.
On and on, we went in the tin of a car called bus. If you heard the sound of the bus you would think it was a need for speed scenario or fast and furious part 6 scene but when we were “overtaking” cars it was like we were in a snail shell and we were brought back to reality. This tin of a car was just an empty barrel that knows how to shout well.
I don’t know if it was the bus or the driver but i know that this journey made me feel like I had never passed this road before.Gbasgbosgba was our music. The small bumps lifted my below bag of cement weight off the chair like as if I was nothing. By the end I was not only needing paracetamol but massage for my body especially for my ischium side i.e. bumbum. The unnecessary gbasgbos got the passengers into few conversations but I am sure we all had more to say but we just wanted to go home.
The two things that gave me comfort were
1. The nice man beside me, one thing led to another and he turned to my travel guide. As we were getting to each town, he told me the name. He became my temporary google map. Thanks to people like that wherever you are.
2. In this funny, rough and crazy journey. One certain man could still sleep. Like!

Face for the sleeping man
Unku dey sleep gan o

He could still sleep, and his sleep was not normal. Apart from the normal side to side and up to down movement of the bus this man had a movement of his own. To the right, stop, come back up to the left cine back to the back. He went 360° with no shame. In a crazy bus, I hail him! This man was my comic relief because a lot of things came to my mind.
This was my first ever night travel alone. I thought of kidnapping, robbery, car spoiling, etc. This man made things funny a little. Thanks to people like this too but in case Sir! Don’t sleep like that during fire outbreak too o.
Finally finally, someone wee think all the struggle. It will take us home. No. Our precious tin showed us pepper. It decided that “no, enough is enough. I can take it no more. This is where I abide. Clutch out. Goodnight”
Our dear driver still wanted us to push this tin to rise from the dead into the road again! Hmmm, choi. The love of money. Hustle ti poju.
Please if you know you have used something excessively. Take it for recycling. Let us stop pushing things to the limits before doing things. And when you have something take care of it well. When you have to service, service.
Make things better.
P.S I got home like to 10 thanks to another half-empty bus coming to our rescue with lot of gist to tell my “angry parents”. When they heard, they had to coolotemper.
P.S even though I had a good neighbour, I pushed my leg wide too o. They won’t kill me before I die, I did not wear long gown for nothing. Issa multipurpose something. E go be!

Story of THE BUS.

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Hi. First of all, click on the second image you see of the magazine to unlock it’s wonders. And secondly…

Happy new month to you all. Hope may was a great and fulfilling month.
This may edition of the evam magazine is more concise and greater than last months own. I really hope you enjoy it. It is a short out to the boys, guys and men in the house. Remember we love you all. There are short stories and so many more there.
Well! Till next month again for the next edition. Don’t miss it.

Evam magazine loves you and enjoy. And don’t forget to comment and subscribe so you can get emails from this blog anyday and anytime

Parent hawker

"ewa ra!" (Come buy!)
"Come and buy cotton bud"
"Ewo....meji waso"(look...two for 50 naira)
"Aje ma"(you will sell, ma)
This student clearly doesn't understand my desperation, that fifty naira will buy 50 naira panla for my 5 year lean child. I need that extra money. I need it, she didn't see it but tears brimed my eyes.
"Waso ni" (it is 50 naira)
"E ba mi ra..."( Help me buy it)
She finally turned her head, I clearly frustrated her to attention. There was a time I hated people like me but right now. I don't care. My 4 starving children need food to eat. What will I say I was doing while they died away.
"Elo ni ma? How much?"
" Meji waso, se merin lefe?"( Tel for 50 naira, do you want four?)
(Chuckling) "two is enough, thanks ma"
I gave her the two she wanted and more joy graced my heart as a friend of hers came.
" Please bring for me too ma"
(Grinning) "ese student, egba"( thanks student, take)
As I bent to remove more for the friend, I tried more of my luck.
"Don't you want clip too" I smiled at them
No answer graced me, but I knew deep inside I tried. Maybe, just maybe. One of them actually wanted to buy but...well, I get to feed one more mouth.
" Please, ejo, help me carry it on my head"
It took like 5 minutes to carry this on my head, I hope they are not frustrated though. I have lots of mouth and no real source of income. Selling nylonsn, clips, buckets, bowls, etc all around dugbe market will get somewhere.
This is the same way different adults, most parents, struggle under the sun and in the rain too. Life, especially in the country we live in and the times, is hard like gold. This is ironic because before you get anything close to gold through your earnings, you would have most likely gone extinct.
Let us learn to appreciate our parents, we most times don't see when they are struggling but they feed us and cater for us till we good to stand on our own., the young. The youth and teenager, let us start catching sense.
Thoughts that should be coming to your head should not only be about food or my future partner.
Thoughts like "how do I make it that my children don't have to suffer and I can be a good or badass role model"
You don't have to be stinkingly rich, but, start having a future hope
Thoughts like how can I make this messed up country a better place for my wonderful kids to live in
So I don't tell stories of how you could buy ticket for just #1000 at some point, stories of how "things were better than how it will be then if nothing changes"
Let's GROW the hell up😜😇
I love you Daddy and mummy, thanks a lot!!!!
Thanks to all my adult friends and helpers😘

P.S Life is about hardship. But hardwork is the bridge And appreciation.
Happy Sunday!!! Hope you had a great time at services or at home👀👀👀
Have a great week ahead.

Evam magazine.

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Information age is amazing. Overtime, you do not need to even reach the market before you get what you actually need. Everything you need is on the social media, you want an amazing bag for dinner, you can get it from your friends status update. You need a good photographer, you have it. Everything at your fingertip. But, now information has become too many and a little bit unreliable.

Social media has become an overcrowded market, worse than bodija market. As a seller, there is too much competition, even though you know your market is dope and as a buyer you are so confused as to which stall to stop at.

This is where Evams magazine comes in, it is a controlled market. It brings you the best marketers and some information you actually need for health or politics related. A magazine has to be complete. Therefore, it reduces the stress for both buyers and sellers and still gives the right services needed.

Come, feast your eyes on the best services and call.

You will not be disappointed.

There is room for comments, observations.

If there are complaints about the service given, you can come give feedbacks here.

Any information needed, just comment.

  1. Thanks…evams loves you all.

My Valentine’s name is rattus rattus.

February 14.

I was not particularly the type to anticipate special gifts on valentine. I was not part of the girls bundled with Teddy bears, red card gift and bar chocolate on this great day of love. I was always the observer “oohing” and “aahing”. This year felt different altogether though, I knew better things will come my way. There will be surprises and more happiness. So, a week to valentine day, I was already hyped in my body, soul and mind. God knew I was giving my all for this valentine whether I had a lover or not. Three days more and I got a god-sent package from a lover(don’t bother asking) and I am like “whatcha tell y’all” ,
I was so happy and gleeful that the day itself will be a bright day, so, I decided to fill up my box. I bought some sumptuous provision and was glad. People that check my status, you remember that soup I steal from? Yeah I made it before the great valentine, you know…some red stew for a red lovely day. Then valentine Eve came, and some strange feeling started crawling down my guts as I heard scrapping and scratching during the night. I was like “it is not Christmas, santa cannot try to be sneaking in or something. So what’s up?”
I ignored and ignored the sounds and squeaks. Thinking, “well…it is normal. Our room is a full ecosystem. The night is the time for the rats to play around. No palaba”. Then light came and I was busy with the word of God and later my books thanks to asuu calling off the strike and yet! I was still hearing these sounds. Such odasity!!!! On which planet do rats not keep quiet during the day, “it seems it has gotten a longer or larger guy to be as bold as this” I thought.
“Let me check my box” I said. Behold 2 packs of Indomie half-eaten (like can’t they ever just finish one before going to the second) and my milk battered and destroyed.
And I figured that I made the perfect valentine spot overnight with the perfect menu for them. They were always beans eater but with my sudden supply and change of menu. They felt ” oh valentine oh valentine! You bless us so with new and sweeter things! We thank thee”
So they merried and cherried while the owner of the restaurant was yet to even celebrate well enough.
Oh people of God, I believe by the end of this week these rats will meet their demise. They will be crucified! Nailed to the cross! Because love and miracles are over, it is time for sacrifice.¥
P.S ☺️☺️☺️☺️ right now, if you know you will know I am totally not fine😑😖😖😖why do rats exist!!! But, what is life without a little drama! I still know I will enjoy today, thanks to the loved ones that have me in mind. I love you, I seriously do even if I don’t show it enough. God loves you more😘

Life is about hardship. But hardwork is the bridge. And appreciation.

Parent hawker