Dony the trump.

Hey, there.

Remember how I said I think a lot about things generally.

Well I am here to upload some of them thoughts.

The thought is what of if Donald trump just has mouth and nothing else.

Yea…durhh I know the U.S has gone to war with different countries and they have been the better for it while the country against them was destroyed.

Yea I know that but you know it was maybe one thing or the other that made Egypt so not as great as before.

And feeling great is one of it.

Take Mr Pharaoh, he had lots of talk.

“I will destroy all your children”, yimu Israelites still found way to give birth like rabbit.

” I will overtask y’all”, Israelites still survived.

“You cannot leave my land!They still left.

Brims and stone, many of Egyptian solders were killed that day.

Imagine, you were an Egyptian then, we all know the terror these people could do.

Egyptian: “durhhh pharaoh is no ordinary pharoah, these Israelites are broken eggs”

He most likely didn’t live to see what he said go through.

Or imagine you were from another country but heard news of the internal disorder.

Stranger: “eiiii, is it not Pharaoh? That crazy lord of Egypt. Israelites are done-for”.

He most likely joined Israelites in the journey of going to the promise land he heard they escaped.

For sure, who will support the Israelites.

This is one reason, I laugh at Nigerians.

Lets look at our own problems and face it!

But No, atojubole and ofofo is our hobby.

See, whether we support the U.S or the Iranians, Nigeria will still be among the top corrupt country, the top poorest country and still “developing country”

Do you know how long they have been saying Nigeria is developing?Long before I was born.

Please….which kind of larva are we?!!!When will we fly but no with our wiggle wiggle.

Instead of us to use our small energy to fly.

We will be wiggle wiggle defending trump or the Iranian country.

Those northerners ehn, alakobas.

lerrus face our problems.

Whatever remains of one country or the other, let’s sha pray we don’t become the next Iraq country.

Seeing as both countries, Iran and the US don’t have the chest to fight each other directly.

Two elephants, one grass patch.

So…let’s discuss.How can we develop our transport system?How can we build up our security and Defence system. In case of anything happening?How can Nigeria get better?😐

Cos sincerely, I don’t want my children to still have to be saying why was I born into this country sef?Instead let’s imagine, won’t it be awesome if there is 24 hours light?Wont it be awesome if we become awesome inventors and recognized for it?Wont it be awesome if we became closer to being one of the richest countries?Wont it be awesome if we are not just called giants of Africa for nothing?

N.B I don’t know if it is just Nigerians or everyone in general. People don’t like been “adviced” into change but they gladly accept being “lightly rebuked” into change.


Friend 1: girl, don’t use book to kill yourself. Money is the koko

Girl: no o, leave me

Upper scenario occurs for a month

Friend 2: shior, you are stupid if you think book will take you anywhere. Idiot.

Two days later after this happens.

Girl: ahhh money is the koko o.

Friend 1:(brows raised) now…you know?

Question for the post:

Why is this? Do we lowkey like being forced to improve?


Parent hawker

"ewa ra!" (Come buy!)
"Come and buy cotton bud"
"Ewo....meji waso"(look...two for 50 naira)
"Aje ma"(you will sell, ma)
This student clearly doesn't understand my desperation, that fifty naira will buy 50 naira panla for my 5 year lean child. I need that extra money. I need it, she didn't see it but tears brimed my eyes.
"Waso ni" (it is 50 naira)
"E ba mi ra..."( Help me buy it)
She finally turned her head, I clearly frustrated her to attention. There was a time I hated people like me but right now. I don't care. My 4 starving children need food to eat. What will I say I was doing while they died away.
"Elo ni ma? How much?"
" Meji waso, se merin lefe?"( Tel for 50 naira, do you want four?)
(Chuckling) "two is enough, thanks ma"
I gave her the two she wanted and more joy graced my heart as a friend of hers came.
" Please bring for me too ma"
(Grinning) "ese student, egba"( thanks student, take)
As I bent to remove more for the friend, I tried more of my luck.
"Don't you want clip too" I smiled at them
No answer graced me, but I knew deep inside I tried. Maybe, just maybe. One of them actually wanted to buy but...well, I get to feed one more mouth.
" Please, ejo, help me carry it on my head"
It took like 5 minutes to carry this on my head, I hope they are not frustrated though. I have lots of mouth and no real source of income. Selling nylonsn, clips, buckets, bowls, etc all around dugbe market will get somewhere.
This is the same way different adults, most parents, struggle under the sun and in the rain too. Life, especially in the country we live in and the times, is hard like gold. This is ironic because before you get anything close to gold through your earnings, you would have most likely gone extinct.
Let us learn to appreciate our parents, we most times don't see when they are struggling but they feed us and cater for us till we good to stand on our own., the young. The youth and teenager, let us start catching sense.
Thoughts that should be coming to your head should not only be about food or my future partner.
Thoughts like "how do I make it that my children don't have to suffer and I can be a good or badass role model"
You don't have to be stinkingly rich, but, start having a future hope
Thoughts like how can I make this messed up country a better place for my wonderful kids to live in
So I don't tell stories of how you could buy ticket for just #1000 at some point, stories of how "things were better than how it will be then if nothing changes"
Let's GROW the hell upπŸ˜œπŸ˜‡
I love you Daddy and mummy, thanks a lot!!!!
Thanks to all my adult friends and helpers😘

P.S Life is about hardship. But hardwork is the bridge And appreciation.
Happy Sunday!!! Hope you had a great time at services or at homeπŸ‘€πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
Have a great week ahead.

Wake up!!!



Girls naturally,thanks to our bone mass, are the weak ones. Except from those who go all six pack and can endure exercise, I respect them mehn. I can manage 10 pushups though but back to the main point. Girls are not just it, when it comes to power.
But, instead of some people to keep this as a wonderful treasure, they have turned it to our weakness to make them feel they are strong.
Now, if weakness was the only problem it will be understandable but ignorance just had to be added. Like seriously, one will wonder and ask if the universe is against us. Ignorance plus nil power equals silent mice.
The way people are getting accustomed to it, I wonder if we just pleasure at some people’s discomfort. I wonder if we are still human. The girl neither has mind nor body, she is just going to be turnioniown.
For lucky and maybe hardworking women, when they get successful no one can just up and go beat them to prove strong not because she is strong but because power has been bestowed. Meanwhile, another woman of the same age status and clearly same sex has to live her life just for the day to be over and survive the next day also with beatings.
Knowledge is power.
This does not have to do alone with being tortured alone. There is also the point that when you get knowledge, sometimes you get the opportunity to apply it. Making your life better in the process. This whole process helps to reduce idle girls in the society. Meaning the rate at which girls just go rant on their status on week 4-6 about their “man”.
” Danny, my love. You have stolen my heart away. I will never love anyone better”
To week 7-12 crying about the heart been shattered and thrown in the thrash
” He broke my heart, I should have never loved. I hate boys” and the it’s a cycle in the girls life over and over.
Let us just take a moment to think about all the girls in our contact list, let us combine them. Let us imagine that this girls had things to think about like how to bring one new trending fashion into the world or how to make us survive on the sun or how to solve life’s crazy problem as a whole. And finding love is not everything they think they have to exist for. Let us imagine they take that as a secondary goal and having a life as a primary goal. Won’t we all have peace of mind? Don’t you think you will be able to smile more instead of just rolling your eyes or rolling in laughter at these girls? It Should be a nice experience.
Life would be a better place.
Overpopulation may reduce.
Crime rate may reduce.
Heartbreak upandan may reduce.
Again, knowledge is power…
And give me the chance to say, knowledge is reducing the number of people who frequent the devil’s workshop too.


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