Evam magazine- 3rd edition


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Hmmmmmmmm! People! Finally!
It’s been soooo long, right?
So sorry that I left You all. I didn’t mean to abandon anyone.
It is this school issue that we say we must go through, preparing for exams hasn’t been easy. Anyways if you loved the may magazine. Trust me, you will fall head over heels in love with this new one.
It’s so lovely.
I hope you enjoy it.

Especially you, Shalom.

Love, evam.

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Hi. First of all, click on the second image you see of the magazine to unlock it’s wonders. And secondly…

Happy new month to you all. Hope may was a great and fulfilling month.
This may edition of the evam magazine is more concise and greater than last months own. I really hope you enjoy it. It is a short out to the boys, guys and men in the house. Remember we love you all. There are short stories and so many more there.
Well! Till next month again for the next edition. Don’t miss it.

Evam magazine loves you and enjoy. And don’t forget to comment and subscribe so you can get emails from this blog anyday and anytime

Evam magazine.

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Information age is amazing. Overtime, you do not need to even reach the market before you get what you actually need. Everything you need is on the social media, you want an amazing bag for dinner, you can get it from your friends status update. You need a good photographer, you have it. Everything at your fingertip. But, now information has become too many and a little bit unreliable.

Social media has become an overcrowded market, worse than bodija market. As a seller, there is too much competition, even though you know your market is dope and as a buyer you are so confused as to which stall to stop at.

This is where Evams magazine comes in, it is a controlled market. It brings you the best marketers and some information you actually need for health or politics related. A magazine has to be complete. Therefore, it reduces the stress for both buyers and sellers and still gives the right services needed.

Come, feast your eyes on the best services and call.

You will not be disappointed.

There is room for comments, observations.

If there are complaints about the service given, you can come give feedbacks here.

Any information needed, just comment.

  1. Thanks…evams loves you all.

Life is about hardship. But hardwork is the bridge. And appreciation.

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