For Tunde…

I smile when we talk,
But he gives me the assurance you don’t have.
I see your dimples and your strong build,
He is cute but not my type and emotional.
I am in want of love and attention
But is any of them ready and capable of it, am I?

Kids of nowadays, so out of it.
None observant of the environment,
See her smile at her phone, so beautiful.
Oblivious of her surrounding,
I have the opportunity and also a wife.
Do I ask for her number or just her money?


Today is surely not my lucky day,
Which cabman doesn’t have his eye on the lookout of a passenger?!
My heels ache from standing here,
I want my bed before it is light again.
I hear the sound of a crash and boom,
An explosion? Do I turn or run?

So this is the end?
I don’t experience love before I go?
Who at the end was oblivious of their surrounding, hypocrite?
I really love my wife, darling?
Why does my bed keep being far from me?
Are you okay in there?!

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