Young me.
Gone are the days, gone only to be remembered once upon a time.
When all I knew was playing in the sand with pants hanging down my tiny waist and smiles tearing my small lips apart at my siblings and friends.
Fun was jumping from my room’s wardrobe onto the bed down below with such ectasy, ‘I got turned on’ as I fell down the small height I felt was the highest height on earth with my small mind.
A time when school was just go for attendance affair grudgingly then laugh with the only friend I managed to get, having weird enemies that wrote your name in the noisemaker’s list when you never said a peep,
learnt how to smile and collect teacher’s bags whether you liked them or not,Learning 2×2 like it was a do or die affair and getting promoted to the next class without stress.
When slapping my younger sister’s butt and her chasing me around with her tiny toes that took her just few step behind me wasn’t such a crime at all, laughing at her inability to have revenge. I wasn’t thought to be a ‘Lannister born’.
When all I knew as responsibilities was seeing new things and seeing new things differently alone. Learnt the art of cane dusting since whether I deserved it or not elders around thought been spanked was the only way to teach discipline and respect, a necessity they said.
My small mind knew truth or dare as a “chinko chinko” game where the questions never passed ” who is your crush” and they dared you to lick the wall, that’s all.
When all I wondered was why my heart pounded against my chest when I saw a particular person as they walked or brisked pass me and all I could say was a he… And they didn’t even bother to look my side.

Innocence I thought was me.

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