Young me. Gone are the days, gone only to be remembered once upon a time. When all I knew was playing in the sand with pants hanging down my tiny waist and smiles tearing my small lips apart at my siblings and friends. Fun was jumping from my room’s wardrobe onto the bed down below […]

Wake up!!!

  Girls naturally,thanks to our bone mass, are the weak ones. Except from those who go all six pack and can endure exercise, I respect them mehn. I can manage 10 pushups though but back to the main point. Girls are not just it, when it comes to power. But, instead of some people to […]

Letter to the “far admirers”

  Around school arena, A place in Africa, 15th January. Headquater of watchers, “Admirers” from distance, Anywhere in the world. Dear Sir/ Madame, How do you do? Hope you are fine and  existing silently like you normally do just fine. I will really hope to see your face one day. I write to you to […]


Love 2019, here you come. Here you come different like the others, But same type of entrance, Just a silent 60 seconds difference, A 11:59 to 12:00, 2019 here you come. Throwing away all the tears 2018 caused, Leaving them as thrash forgotten to rot, To be recycled as motivation for a new year, So […]

Something short.

When life is so out of place and stressful, That giving up even is of no use. When you are told to live for yourself, But in actual fact all they want is for themselves alone. When you know heaven is far better than all this Earth can amount to, But you just want to […]

Why shai thy shy?

Have you been in a situation where you are so angry at someone or a situation but you cannot just talk?Ever been in love or had a crush on a boy or a girl you could not say a peep? Ever felt hurt or a loved one died but your mouth is too heavy to […]


Lola was young and vibrant, she was all you could want of a human. She grew up to be a “lady” of a typical nigerian home, “sweep, wash, clean the louvers” they said. While her younger brother old enough, Cross his legs to watch the TV. All because she was an XX. Lola finally broke […]

Story…story……storyyyyy- 1

I suddenly hit something fleshy, I began to produce sweat that normally I should not produce. Maybe I was just imagining the sweat or do we sweat? Then I did something normal, I peed…what a shame. Well, let us go back few days. So that we can all understand how I got to this predicament. […]

From bulgy eyes of a small child in public uniform came inherent curses that I could not pick sense of. This was to my bike rider as he almost grazed the small child. Bringing me to the realization that, damn, what the society can build up someone as can be so…amazing yet scary. This child […]


MONEY!!! This guy… He is our nemesis and savior! Our sorrow and happiness! Our problem and solution! And even though money answers to our basic needs, money can be a bitch(Apologies) especially for Nigerians. The thing with this guy, money, he is meant to move a lot. He should be collected and given. But, in […]

Life is about hardship. But hardwork is the bridge. And appreciation.

Parent hawker