First of…

So, my plan was to make a video like last time.
Especially when I finally passed my resit examination.
Physiology resit.
Yea, you read that right.
At the end of last year.
I had a breakdown because of having to face the fact that I was the only girl to write a resit.
And a physiology resit for that matter. That I thought to be my best course in preclinicals.
But anyways, instead of making a video.
I got shy.Loll, yea.
I get shy too.
During the new years eve, as they told us to rejoice. I did.
But in my inner thoughts I was like, what happens if I fail this resit.
I have to go back to 300?
I have to reread everything again? The terror!
I have to repay everything again?!!School fees, house rent?I will graduate 7+ years instead of 6+ years?The horror was biggggggggg.

I felt so…I don’t know, helpless.
Really those that have ever had the cause to fail or repeat at one time in life, I respect you all.
Having to go through this trauma and be strong. Respect.
There was a time I felt failure was err…but now, experience is a good teacher.Anyways I finally saw the results…

And the relieve was not from here, it was heavenly!!!

Congratulations to those who wrote with me too. actually got to know them a little too.
Anyways to the main discussion for today. My political interests.
My life aim whenever I do anything is to make impact.I am a type of person that doesn’t just like complaining alone.With complaints, I look for ways to change that problem I do not like.I complain that most youths don’t want to actually put themselves out there to help the country politically.
All we think about most times these days is “how I go hammer?” It is good to want to “hammer” but what is the point of “hammering” when you can’t do it proudly and peacefully in your country.
What is the point of “hammering” if where you are, your surrounding, your state, your country is not “hammering” with you.
Really to me, there is no point with that kind of “hammering “. Cos there is no legacy to leave for your children but a dashed and tattered country.


Let me be like martin Luther king Jr, ” I have a dream of Nigeria being recognized as an Amazing and reputable country not just a carrier of giant of Africa in vain.
I have a dream of where my children will be like thanks mum for giving birth to me in this amazing country.
I have a dream of a well constructed and ruled country with prestige and honor. Where people don’t run off to other countries but instead foreigners flock into our great Nation, Nigeria.
I have a dream of a great Nigeria ”
This dream is what spurred me to ask my colleagues to be elected as a Senator in my 200 level in veterinary medicine. To understand a little what politics might seem like.
Yes politics in the department was and is not like real life politics in Nigeria but phew, it was something!And this is where I will make a big shoutout to the Senate President, Mr Franklyn Oluwadare.
Lol sorry, it is not a video.
You sha wanted video, lol.

Surgeon, army lover and fashionista.


This guy, when I first saw him. I was like ” fine Bobo” but naaa my first impression removed the fine face away.
In the chamber, he didn’t care whether you were a presidents child, a newbie or a oldfry. He said his mind and stood for what was right. Not caring if it hurt or not.
When he became the President in my 300 level and I knew he deserved it.
As per I was the information officer, he didn’t let me have peace of mind about dissemination of information.
But thank God he was like that, it is as if he knows my nature. I need a lot of pushing. Thanks a lot sir.
I learnt a lot of things through you, I hope to get some of your traits as I grow.
The association and I know that in his regime, a lot of things changed positively.
Anywhere, I can vouch for him to be a good political candidate, as long as he doesn’t change his principles. Sir, please don’t change. We need more people like you.
And this is where I say the sad part, I will be leaving the senate house for academic reasons. I will be stepping down.
This is because I will be in the paraclinicals this year and people of God, the lecturers here don’t smile AT ALL.
I will be crazy to not cut down on things that I am doing.
But trust me, my dream, I will not let it go.
I will continue to understand what politics especially in Nigeria is.
For the greater good of my surrounding, my department, my state and my Nigeria.
For now, lowkey.
Questions for the post.
Can you say you love Nigeria?
What is your personal reason or a reason you are not politically involved?
What are s
pecific things you hate or detest in Nigeria?
What do you think are possible solutions?

One thought on “First of…

  1. Awwwn. You’re leaving the senate?? Well, sometimes, tough decisions need to be taken.
    As per Nigeria, I don’t see myself in politics because I can’t shout. Really, I can convince people if I really put myself into it but most times, I’m just like, “err… What’s the point?”
    But, I guess we all have to sometimes look beyond the point and think of the big picture.
    Good write up!

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