My Valentine’s name is rattus rattus.

February 14.

I was not particularly the type to anticipate special gifts on valentine. I was not part of the girls bundled with Teddy bears, red card gift and bar chocolate on this great day of love. I was always the observer “oohing” and “aahing”. This year felt different altogether though, I knew better things will come my way. There will be surprises and more happiness. So, a week to valentine day, I was already hyped in my body, soul and mind. God knew I was giving my all for this valentine whether I had a lover or not. Three days more and I got a god-sent package from a lover(don’t bother asking) and I am like “whatcha tell y’all” ,
I was so happy and gleeful that the day itself will be a bright day, so, I decided to fill up my box. I bought some sumptuous provision and was glad. People that check my status, you remember that soup I steal from? Yeah I made it before the great valentine, you know…some red stew for a red lovely day. Then valentine Eve came, and some strange feeling started crawling down my guts as I heard scrapping and scratching during the night. I was like “it is not Christmas, santa cannot try to be sneaking in or something. So what’s up?”
I ignored and ignored the sounds and squeaks. Thinking, “well…it is normal. Our room is a full ecosystem. The night is the time for the rats to play around. No palaba”. Then light came and I was busy with the word of God and later my books thanks to asuu calling off the strike and yet! I was still hearing these sounds. Such odasity!!!! On which planet do rats not keep quiet during the day, “it seems it has gotten a longer or larger guy to be as bold as this” I thought.
“Let me check my box” I said. Behold 2 packs of Indomie half-eaten (like can’t they ever just finish one before going to the second) and my milk battered and destroyed.
And I figured that I made the perfect valentine spot overnight with the perfect menu for them. They were always beans eater but with my sudden supply and change of menu. They felt ” oh valentine oh valentine! You bless us so with new and sweeter things! We thank thee”
So they merried and cherried while the owner of the restaurant was yet to even celebrate well enough.
Oh people of God, I believe by the end of this week these rats will meet their demise. They will be crucified! Nailed to the cross! Because love and miracles are over, it is time for sacrifice.¥
P.S ☺️☺️☺️☺️ right now, if you know you will know I am totally not fine😑😖😖😖why do rats exist!!! But, what is life without a little drama! I still know I will enjoy today, thanks to the loved ones that have me in mind. I love you, I seriously do even if I don’t show it enough. God loves you more😘

Life is about hardship. But hardwork is the bridge. And appreciation.

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